About Us

Mogul Agency Services Inc was founded in July 2, 2002 by Nasir Mogul with a vision to provide a basket of options to consumers to choose from. Traditionally Agents from captive Insurance companies do not provide price and coverage comparisons of their competitors. This leaves the consumers under served. To overcome this and provide the best prices and best coverages to consumers, Mogul Agency Services Inc has been providing these valuable services to consumers across the USA since 2002. The company is headed by Zohra Mogul.

What differentiates us from other agencies are our capacity and commitment to react and provide long-term solutions with positive outcomes. We perceive the requirement for favorable, compelling and productive citing. We assess every prospective application and get a quote from leading markets, both, admitted and non-admitted, which we know will give the best incentive to our client. We will always have a market for our clients because we are dedicated to leave here without any dissatisfaction.

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